About Us

Warangal Spices Company Pvt Ltd (Wsc) , incorporated in 2012 ,is a sister concern of VPSA Rathina Nadar Group of Companies. We have our presence in Commodity Trading since 1947. Our Founder & Mentor is Shri Rathinam Nadar and Our parent flagship company is VPSA Rathina Nadar & Co located at Sankarankovil.

Warangal Spices Company Pvt. Ltd., is located at Warangal, State of Telangana, INDIA. Warangal is strategically placed in Central India and has a unique importance in the Spices World Globally. The produces are of specific and unique features such as:

  • The Red Chilli available in our area is confined to only our region with a different flavor & Aroma.
  • The cotton available in our region is considered one of the finest the country produces.
  • The quality of maize is of high grade & Rice cultivated on this region is of high nutritional value.
  • All these reminds of the richness of the Kakatiya Dynasty which ruled Warangal for years.